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Beatrix Potter Backstamps

Beswick and Royal Albert Backstamps
The Beswick and Royal Albert Backstamps used on Beatrix Potter Figures have changed many times since 1948 and they can be useful to aid in dating a particular piece.   The figures did not retain their original mark but as backstamps changed all figures in current production  were marked with the new backstamp.   Broadly speaking there are three styles of backstamp Beswick Gold, Beswick Brown and Royal Albert.   However the backstamps are a little more complex than this. 
Here is a brief explanation of the different
Beswick and Royal Albert Backstamps:
Beswick Gold

BP1b      Beswick Gold Parallel Lines *Beswick* and
                    *England* written in parallel lines - the word
                    *Copyright* is in script - designed to fit on
                    to the base of *The Tailor of Gloucester*
                    but in fact used in error on seven other
                    Issued 1949-1954

BP2a      Beswick Gold Oval  - The words *Beswick*
                    and *England* written in an Oval shape -
                    Issued 1955 - 1972

 It appeared in different forms:
                (1)  Beatrix Potter in upper case type.
                      character,s name in Italic
                      script, sometimes within quotation
                      marks.   Can occur with *copyright*in italic
                (2)  Beatrix Potter in upper case type.
                      Character,s name in upper
                      case type within quotation marks.
                (3)  Beatrix Potter and Character,s name in
                      handwritten style script.
                (4)  Beatrix Potter in upper case type,
                      Character,s name in Script
                      From 1961.
                (5)  Bearix Potter in upper case type,
                      Character,s name in lower
                      case type.  Can occur with Beatrix Potter
                      in slanted type - 
                      From 1971.
                (6)  Beatrix Potter in upper case type,
                      Character,s name in upper
                      case type.  From 1971 - 1972

BP2b      Transitional Gold/Brown  - *Beatrix Potter*
                    and the Character,s name appear in gold
                    and the last 3 lines - (i.e. F. Warne and 
                    Co. Ltd: Copyright (date): BESWICK
                    ENGLAND:) appear in brown.  These
                    were on a very limited number of figures
                    Issued 1971 - 1972   

Beswick Brown

BP3       Beswick Brown Line - The words *Beswick*
                   and *England* appear in brown either in a
                   straight line or with *Beswick* atop
                   *England* depending on the shape and size
                   of the base.  
                   Issued 1973 - 1988 

              BP3a        line 1 - BEATRIX POTTER*S with
                                            apostrophe S
                               line 2 - Character Name within
                               line 3 - F Warne & Co. Ltd.  
                               line 4 - Copyright with no date
                               line 5 - BESWICK ENGLAND
                               Issued 1973 - 1974

              BP3b        The same as BP3a apart from:
                               line 4 - ©  Copyright with date
                               Issued 1974 - 1985
              BP3c         line 1 - BEATRIX POTTER with
                                            no S
                               line 2 - Character Name within
                               line 3 - ©  F. Warne & Co. (date)
                               line 4 - Licensed by Copyrights
                               line 5 - BESWICK ENGLAND
                               Issued 1985 - 1988 

BP4       Beswick Signature At this time the Beswick
                   backstamp was replaced by the Royal
                   Doulton backstamp.   However the 
                   Beswick connection was sustained by the
                   inclusion of the John Beswick signature on
                   the backstamp 
                               line 1 - BEATRIX POTTER
                               line 2 - Character,s Name within
                               line 3 - © F Warne & Co. with date
                               line 4 - John Beswick Signature
                               line 5 - Studio of Royal Doulton
                               line 6 - England   
                               Issued 1988 - 1989 

BP5       Royal Albert Gold Crown - The Backstamp
                  was now changed from Doulton/Beswick to
                  Royal Albert.  To mark this significant 
                  change the gold backstamp was once again
                  used for just one year.
                              line 1 - The Royal Albert Crown in
                              line 2 - ROYAL ALBERT (R)
                              line 3 England
                              line 4 - Character Name
                              line 5 - Beatrix Potter
                              line 6 - © F. Warne & Co. 1948
                              line 7 - © 1989 ROYAL ALBERT
                              Issued in 1989 only

BP6       Royal Albert Brown Crown - There were two
                  sizes issued in this backstamp.
                  Issued 1989 to 1998
             BP6a - Small Brown Crown - This was used
                  on the figures that were of standard size.
                  It was issued in 1989 and was used on
                  90 figurines.  For small based figures there
                  was a variation without the crown 
                              line 1 - The Royal Albert Crown in
                              line 2 - ROYAL ALBERT
                              line 3 - England
                              line 4 - Character Name
                              line 5 - Beatrix Potter
                              line 6 - © F.Warne & Co. 1948
                              line 7 © 1989 ROYAL ALBERT
             BP6b - Large Brown Crown - This was issued
                  in 1993 and was used on ten figurines.
                              line Lay-out - as BP6a above 
BP7      Beswick Brown Oval - This Backstamp was
                  issued to commemorate the
                 100th Anniversary of Peter Rabbit - 1893 -
                 1993 and was only used on the Large Size
                  Peter Rabbit          
                  Issued 1993

BP8       Beswick Ware Brown Script - *Beswick Ware
                  England* or *Beswick Ware Made in
                  England* is the earliest printed backstamp of
                  the W. Beswick, Baltimore Works, Longton,
                  and it was for the Beswick Centenary that
                  the Beswick Ware logo was reinstated as
                  the primary backstamp of the John Beswick
                  Studio of Royal Doulton
                  Issued 1994 to 1998

              BP8a - General Backstamp - Issued for a very short period
                   of time in 1998, the brown script may turn
                   out to be the rarest of the Beatrix Potter
                   backstamps as it is only found on 2 figures.
              BP8b - 50th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter
              Figures at Beswick - Issued in 1997 for the
                   50th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter 
                   Figurine production at the
                  John Beswick Studios on Longton in 1997.


              BP8c - Limited Edition Backstamp - This
                   backstamp is a modification of BP8a and it
                   was designed for use on limited edition

BP9        Beswick Ware Gold Script - A gold Beswick
                   Ware script backstamp was coupled with
                   the anniversary, limited edition, gold or
                   platinum highlighted figurines. 
                   Issued 1997 to 1999   
              BP9a - 100th Anniversary of John Beswick
                   Studios - This backstamp was issued in
                   1994 to commemorate the 100th 
                   Anniversary of the founding of the Beswick
                   studios.   It was only available on
                   Jemima Puddle-Duck.
              BP9b - General Backstamp -
                  This Gold Beswick Ware backstamp was
                  used between 1997 and 1998 on small sized
                  figures issued with gold accents 
              BP9c - Limited Edition Backstamp -
                   This is a modified BP9b
                   and appears on large sized figurines which
                   were issued by Lawleys between 1997 and
              BP9d - Peter Rabbit and Friends Limited
                   Editions -
                   This is also a modification of the BP9b
                   backstamp and was used on limited edition
                   figures with gold accents which were issued
                   by Peter Rabbit and Friends,

BP10     Beswick Black Crest - The Beswick
                   backstamp was redesigned in 1998 and the
                   Beswick crest which had first been seen in
                   1968 was re-introduced for the Beswick
                   line of Storybook figurines.
                   Issued 1998
              BP10a - General Backstamp Issue - This
                   backstamp was used on 27 Figurines. 
              BP10b - Beswick Black Arch - A modification
                    was necessary as there was a restriction
                    on the base of some figurines.
                    This backstamp was used on 14 figures.


              BP10c - Beswick Black Circle - This is also a
                   modified version of BP10a because of base
                   restriction and was used on 8 figures.

              BP10d - Peter Rabbit and Friends Limited
                  Editions -
                  This backstamp is a gold version of BP10a
                   and was used on the limited edition figurine
                   Sweet Peter Rabbit which was
                   commissioned by Peter Rabbit and Friends.

BP11      John Beswick Signature - From 2001 both
                   the standard range figures and the
                   limited/special edition figures carry a *John
                   Beswick* signature instead of the word
                   *Beswick*.  The Doulton *P* number for
                   each figure is also included for all 
                   limited/special edition figures from 2001
                   and standard range from 2002.
                BP11a - General Backstamp Issue - This
                    backstamp was used on 9 figurines.   Satin
                    Glaze was also used on another six 
                    figurines.  These six also have the words
                    *SATIN FINISH* arranged in a circle on a
                    paper sticker. 

                BP11b  Limited/ Special Edition
                     Backstamp - This was used on the limited
                     edition figures:

                        Flopsy and Benjamin Bunny
                        Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, (style two)
                        Kep and Jemima
                        My Dear Son Thomas
                        Peter and Benjamin Picking Apples
                        Peter on his Book.